Co-Owner | Executive Coordinator | Creative Director

Planner. Confidant. Psychic.  Friend.  Designer.  Color-Coordinator.  Food Taster.  Fabric Selector.  Flower Girl Wrangler.  Time Line Creator.

My name is Shalon Hathcock Steed and I am an event planner.  I love everything about helping brides and clients find their style and create their perfect event!  From picking out linens to 3am phone calls when you’ve spent 2 days putting together programs only to realize you left your Future Sister-in-Law out of the bridesmaids section, every moment of your planning process is special to me.  (I am also the one you take to go try your cake…and, well, who am I to turn down cake?) I am here for the great, the fab, and the ugly. My favorite part of the job is the process. Where do we go? How do we get there? Who do we include? It is a big puzzle that is made up of candles, flowers, caterers and more. This is the best job! I get to work with our amazing team (who just happen to be my Mom and Cousin) that puts all of our heart and soul into your event. And every client and every day is different. Wedding planning can be so much fun and I cannot wait to work with you!