Let's enter "real life" for a bit! 

2015 To-Do: 

-Blog More (lookie there!)

-Launch office (almost there)

-Work Smarter, Not Harder

-Stop SEEing and start BEEing

We grew more as a company in 2014 than I could ever imagine. And with that came so many amazing blessings. And so many struggles of how to balance life with "life". You know, the pinteresty way we all like to live.  It becomes the person vs. the planner.  Or, in my case, the person vs. the planner and the phone. 

I am a born & bred SEE (don't worry I'll tell you what it is in a moment). 

It is easy an entrepreneur to be swept away with work.  And the "work" of work.  Every moment becomes about what you can do to better your business and how to attain what is just out of reach.  The SEE "Self-Employed Entrepreneur" is a beast of business person, but is not usually the best date, dinner-mate, or friend.  SEEs are glued to their phone & tablets, and when they upgrade to the "phablet" you better just sit your patience at the door.  An inquiry comes in, colleagues emails with a great idea, you must blog, you must update Instagram, you must do this because of that, you must, you must!  Then the SEE becomes the ultimate soccer/helicopter mom of their company. Every waking moment is dedicated to "SEEing".  The SEE wakes up and emails, goes to work and works, leaves work and continues to work until they crash. Then they wake up and do it again. That love/hate relationship with the phone begins but it somehow never leaves your hand.

No one starts anything wanting to fail so they work hard to make sure it won't. And I see nothing wrong with  that.  It takes a lot of hustle to start from scratch.  But that moment hits. The one where you forget to call friends back, forget to eat, forget to tell the Hubs "thanks for helping haul 48 centerpieces on a Friday night when I know you would rather be doing anything else", forget to reschedule that doctors appointment, forget to wash all those cute clothes you had to have so your life kinda of resembles the one you want to have on your Instagram. (Seriously? How are those girls so Instafabulous? Oh, I want those boots!)

Yes, the hustle is real (and shallow).  

Back to that 2015 To-Do list for a moment: 

-Work Smarter, Not Harder

-Be a BEEer not a constant SEEer

What's a BEEer? 

A Better-Employed Entrepreneur.   Though being self-employed includes a lot of "work" (marketing, emails, phone calls, client meetings, time on the road, the ever present social media)  it also includes a lot of luxuries! Like setting your own schedule and working in a way that best fits you and your company.  

So here's how I am BEEing in 2015: 

- Phone calls and emails sent between 9a-9p only.  12 hours to make it happen (most only need 8 and I normally work 15)

-Work Smarter, Not Harder (We are utilizing social media schedulers and other programs to auto-schedule posts and things.)

-Social Media Free Weekends ( I saw this awesome idea on Lara Casey's blog and I love it! From Friday and 9p to Monday at 9a no social media)

-Be Present ( I am the world's worst at the "Uh-huh" convos.  You know? The ones where you are returning emails and only partially listening? The ones where you get mad at your husband for doing the same thing when the game is on? I am striving to truly be in the moments.)

-Be Still (Embrace those silent times when I can truly be reflective and dive into those little things that make life great! Like brownies and puppy snuggles!)

-Taking Our Weekends Back (This will be the hardest one to get back to. Since we work most weekends, our "Weekends" are generally randomly scattered through out the week.  We have decided to close on Mondays and Wednesdays to give us a chance to recoup and refresh ourselves for the work weekend. 

The emails will always be there, those layouts will always be there, and my deadlines are always met,  but the person across the table may not always be around to share those moments with and I truly plan to enjoy the life I am creating (not the pinterest one I want). 

I choose to BEE this year! Who will join me?