Where to start? In May of 2011 I woke up and realized I was not doing what I was meant to do.  I enjoyed my job but I wasn’t fulfilled.  I had to make a plan to become an “actual event planner” and not an “I do this for friends” planner. By 2011 I had planned weddings for 3 years on the side.  Why wasn’t I following my dream? January 2012 came and prayers were answered. The perfect path opened for me to leave my current job and create my own destiny. I had to make a decision in 12 hours.  With the help of my mom, and business partner Carole, What a Whirl Weddings & Events, llc was created and we booked our first “official” wedding as an "official" company two days later.  

We have grown exponentially since that first day in 2011.  Too many weddings to count. Precious parties organized. Great contacts made.  But those are not the things that stick out in my mind.  I think about the giddiness shared with every bride as she walks into her reception for the first time.  The happiness we get to be a part of as two people join their lives together before the ones they hold most dear and say “I choose you forever.”  The sweet 4 year old twirling around her tea party with a cupcake in hand. I think about the amazing friends we have made in this industry of strong and independent people who love what we love. What an amazing thing it is to be a part of an industry that exudes LOVE!

The Elmores, J&D Farms, May 2014, J&D Photography

The Elmores, J&D Farms, May 2014, J&D Photography

In 2013, we made a plan to be true to our mission at all costs.  To be dedicated, heartfelt, honest, cost-effective, inclusive, and to make every day a special event!  

While we love weddings and small parties, we also have a passion for business events.  As I got my start in college by conference planning and working in public relations, I feel we are “coming home” by opening our doors to corporate, non-profit, and business social events!  We can coordinate fundraisers, donor dinners, launch parties and grand openings, company picnics, and –our favorite- corporate/organization retreats! 

Also, in late fall, we are introducing a new division!  Whirl Creative.  This will allow us to follow our creative passions by focusing more on editorial styling, event styling, custom stationery, and more.  It will also allow us to work with those we love to work with…small businesses!  We will now offer Small Business Branding for companies, like us, that are boutique-sized and wanting to develop a cohesive look for their business while creating a worthwhile plan for their mission to succeed!

But, the reason most of you are here today! 

……..GET EXCITED!!!.........


Whirl, the Store!    We launch today! 

I can’t explain the hours of research that have went into sourcing the items we will carry.  When we made a decision to include a store our idea was very clear, “Personal items of quality that can be gifted to yourself and others that are meant to hold a memory.”  We love the idea of looking back at a piece of jewelry and remembering the event and person that gave it to you. Those moments warm our hearts.  We hope you enjoy the store as much as we have enjoyed shopping for it!  

Because you suffered through this massive post we have a special gift for you!  We are offering a 10% off discount using the code WOOHOO2014!


But that is not all!  We are also giving away one of our acrylic monogram necklaces to one lucky winner!  

The Tortoise Acrylic Monogram Necklace!

The Tortoise Acrylic Monogram Necklace!

Utilize the Rafflecopter app link here to enter! Winner will be selected on Thursday, August 7! 

I don’t have children, but I can liken this experience of creating and growing our site to having a child and sending it off to college.  We have sketched and planned and created and developed and brainstormed and cultivated and searched until we couldn't anymore.  But, most importantly, we have prayed.  We have prayed for our hearts and passion to be seen through this site and for our path to be successful and meaningful.  


Welcome to the new What a Whirl!